About Sears Methodist Retirement System

We Focus on You. We Commit to Health. We Offer Quality.

At Sears Methodist Retirement System, we are different from other Texas retirement communities. We like to think of ourselves as an extended vacation destination. We offer warm and comfy environments, abundant beautiful scenery, resort style living, and so much more. Over 1,500 vibrant retirees are already living the good life at Sears Methodist Retirement System. You may choose from one of our eleven different campuses, in eight different cities, all over Texas.


Join us and let’s celebrate your life achievements with the resort style living you deserve!


We Listen.

It’s important for every senior to feel independent and in control as they transition into retirement living. That’s why we will listen, evaluate, and cater to each of your unique preferences and needs. Some of our residents desire more assistance, while others are more comfortable being self reliant. Together, we will decide on an arrangement that’s right for you.


We Provide Options.

As a leader in senior living, we are pleased to offer a variety of resort style living options for those 62 years of age or over, including the following:


Residential Living

Executive Homes

Garden & Patio Homes



Additional Care Services

Assisted Living

  • Traditional Nursing Care Centers
  • State of the art nursing neighborhoods in one location
  • Alzheimer’s and memory care
  • Medicare Skilled Nursing Care
  • Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy
  • Rehabilitation Services


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