We Offer a Whole New Lifestyle 

At Sears-Methodist, you’ll receive more than a new place to live… we’ll offer you a whole new lifestyle.

What kind of lifestyle do we offer? To begin with, it’s luxurious!

Our premier Texas retirement communities offer luxury living with beautiful architecture and lavish décor. No more lawn mowing or home maintenance….we take care of all that work so that you can play! On top of luxury, we offer resort-style living. Remember when you went on that all-inclusive vacation? Well, that’s what it’s like. Each day brings renewal, refreshment, re-invigoration.It’s like being on vacation every day!

Our lifestyle promotes Health & Wellness

Daily movement and exercise are essential for helping seniors feel their very best. Not much of an exerciser? That’s okay. It’s never too late to start! Our goal is to sustain and improve the health and wellness of every senior resident, ensuring they can enjoy life to its fullest.

Our Lifestyle Is Full Of Fun

We enjoy socializing and hope that you do, too. Each month you’ll receive a calendar of fun activities and events to choose from. You’ll discover a community of close friends who enjoy the variety of services and activities that keeps them active, entertained and full of life.

  • Mesa Spring Retirement Community
    “They pay attention to us,
    which makes our care great!”
  • The Craig Retirement Community - Testimonial

    “The Craig is so beautiful
    and the dining is wonderful!”

  • Wesley Court Retirement Community - Testimonial
    “We made a wise choice.
    We love Wesley Court!”
  • Wesley Court Retirement Community - Testimonial

    “It’s fun!
    All play and no worries.”