Luxury Living

The Ultimate in Retirement Experience 

Are you ready to spend the most satisfying years of your life surrounded by beauty and luxury? The pampered retirement lifestyle at any Sears Methodist Retirement System community truly surpasses that of any other retirement community by ensuring that you receive top unmatched services and top of the line amenities.

Experience the elegant surroundings and the highly personalized attention that helps our residents lead more engaged, vibrant and comfortable lives. From the small things, such as complimentary move-in coordination services, to our community-wide lifelong learning programs, we’re always trying to discover new ways to help our residents enhance their lives. 

Luxury retirement living at our retirement communities includes:

  • Enjoyable dining experiences with our own talented chef’s
  • Incredible scenic views in the beautiful Texas surroundings
  • Spacious floor plans
  • Salon and Spas
  • Day excursions
  • Luxurious dining rooms
  • Top notch housekeeping services
  • Mesa Spring Retirement Community
    “They pay attention to us,
    which makes our care great!”
  • The Craig Retirement Community - Testimonial

    “The Craig is so beautiful
    and the dining is wonderful!”

  • Wesley Court Retirement Community - Testimonial
    “We made a wise choice.
    We love Wesley Court!”
  • Wesley Court Retirement Community - Testimonial

    “It’s fun!
    All play and no worries.”