Memory Care & Alzheimer’s Care

Leading Alzheimer’s Care in Texas

At Sears Methodist, we pride ourselves for providing exceptional memory care services. Our compassionate memory care staff is specially trained to care for our senior residents with memory loss due to Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and related disorders. These staff members are carefully selected and trained to understand and manage the unique challenges associated with memory care. Persons with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease often become isolated due to the increasing difficulty they experience in social situations. At Sears Methodist, our residents enjoy the company of others at mealtime and through activities suited to their capabilities.

Memory Care Environment

We understand that many seniors may have a certain level of impairment due to memory loss, but do not need to be in a nursing home. Our memory care environment allows seniors experiencing memory loss to stay safe and secure, while still maintaining a sense of independence. Memory care residents are protected by secured areas to prevent any wandering-off situations. These seniors continue to enjoy our indoor and outdoor walking paths while their family has peace of mind that they are safe and secure. 

Our goal is to help our memory care residents reconnect with themselves and their family. Staff members organize and lead scheduled activities and programs that are specially designed to help improve memory.

  • Mesa Spring Retirement Community
    “They pay attention to us,
    which makes our care great!”
  • The Craig Retirement Community - Testimonial

    “The Craig is so beautiful
    and the dining is wonderful!”

  • Wesley Court Retirement Community - Testimonial
    “We made a wise choice.
    We love Wesley Court!”
  • Wesley Court Retirement Community - Testimonial

    “It’s fun!
    All play and no worries.”