Independent Living in Abilene

Put away your old To Do lists

If your current To Do list contains “find a worry-free retirement village,” you have landed on the right page! At Mesa Springs, you can forget about items like “clean the house,” “fix the faucet,” and “weed the flower beds.” Instead, your new To Do list will contain an abundance of pleasant and entertaining activities. Could a “find a chef, a gardener, a maid, a handyman and a chauffeur” be part of your retirement To Do list? If so, you’ll find them all at Mesa Springs, where you’ll enjoy unparalleled comfort and outstanding service, from complete exterior home maintenance to interior weekly housekeeping.


Our luxurious independent living homes come fully equipped with the latest amenities. A beautifully landscaped campus creates an inviting environment and a true neighborhood community feeling. In many ways Mesa Springs is just like the home you’re used to, except the only improvements you now make are to the items on your To Do list.


Mesa Springs includes 16 executive homes, 34 garden homes and 10 apartment homes, all providing the same amenities and services. And because Mesa Springs is a member of the Sears Methodist Retirement System family, you can rest easy knowing that your home and quality of care will be there for many years to come. Over the last 40 years, SMRS has established a reputation for stability, quality and compassion. Our only focus is on improving the lives of seniors. We offer innovative approaches, quality amenities and Christian-based compassion. Our use of state-of-the-art technology and practical experience help ensure a high quality life for your retirement years.


  • Mesa Spring Retirement Community
    “They pay attention to us,
    which makes our care great!”
  • The Craig Retirement Community - Testimonial

    “The Craig is so beautiful
    and the dining is wonderful!”

  • Wesley Court Retirement Community - Testimonial
    “We made a wise choice.
    We love Wesley Court!”
  • Wesley Court Retirement Community - Testimonial

    “It’s fun!
    All play and no worries.”