That Cozy, All-Inclusive Experience You’re Looking For

Do you remember the last time you experienced all-inclusive resort living? Maybe it was a cozy ski resort in Colorado, or perhaps a beach resort in Florida. Think about how you felt during your stay. Did you feel like everything you could possibly need or want was available to you? Did the staff go out of their way to help you enjoy your stay? Did you feel like you might want to stay there forever?

At Sears Methodist, the vacation never ends!

We offer resort style living as part of our lifestyle. The cozy, all-inclusive experience is yours-everyday. We want our residents to feel engaged, as well as relaxed. Sometimes you want to enjoy the peace and quiet. Other times you want to be active with friends. At Sears Methodist, you have options. No activity is required. We simply have them available for you, year-round, whenever you’re ready.


Be infused with soul-soothing surroundings. Engage in activities that will energize your body and mind. We selected our resort style living amenities based on resident requests, creative ideas from staff members, and the beautiful offerings of nature. We keep things hassle-free and convenient, so you can feel like you’re on a year-round vacation.

  • Mesa Spring Retirement Community
    “They pay attention to us,
    which makes our care great!”
  • The Craig Retirement Community - Testimonial

    “The Craig is so beautiful
    and the dining is wonderful!”

  • Wesley Court Retirement Community - Testimonial
    “We made a wise choice.
    We love Wesley Court!”
  • Wesley Court Retirement Community - Testimonial

    “It’s fun!
    All play and no worries.”